The Winter Wars were a series of armed conflicts between powers in the Alliance of Man and the brood of Kas the Bloody.


Following the destruction of Baras Edras by the Dragonlord Kas'el'vedras, the fledgling Human kingdoms sought strength through numbers. The Kingdom of Hadun, Modon, and Maburh established the Alliance of Man, a coalition dedicated to the eradication of Kas the Bloody and his brood. 

The First Winter War (12 - 13 AM) Edit

The Baras Edras MassacreEdit

The great fortress of Baras Edras stood testament to the might of Hadun engineering, rival even to the skill and craftsmanship of the Dwarves to the South. Home to the Order of St. Edras, the fortress stood between the Elves to the North, and the Dragonkin to the East. Under the command of Highlord Karl Dragonbane, 738 paladins and rangers marched North to deal with an Elven incursion, leaving 40 men defending the castle, along with roughly 200 wounded soldiers, and refugees. Two days later, Kas the Bloody launched an attack on the castle, overwhelming the fortress' defenders and burning the citadel to the ground, along with all of its inhabitants. The armies of Kas the Bloody then converted the ruins into a staging ground for further attacks into the Human heartlands: Hakun and Modon. 

The Hadun FrontEdit

When news of the Baras Edras Massacre reached the ears of King Landolf XII of Hadun, the young monarch mobilized his armies to establish defensive fortifications along the Northeastern plains. The Hadun war plan was to hold against Kas' forces until reinforcements could arrive from Modon and Maburh. The Hadun Front was reported to be the bloodiest, and most war torn war zone in all of the three Winter Wars. 

The air superiority of the dragons forced Hadun forces to entrench themselves in tunnels and trenches, as any high cover such as walls were demolished by frequent arial assaults. Any attempted advances from either side resulted in heavy casualties for both Kas' forces and the Royal army. 

Political infighting was rumored to be frequent in the Hadun front, as the armies of Hadun consisted of levied soldiers led by various noblemen. During skirmishes and battles, army groups found themselves suddenly leaderless, and then assimilated into the standing armies of other nobles. Lord Volkmar Altmann in particular was rumored to have used the chaos of battle to assassinate rival nobles. 

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